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Sell your Tickets

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Seat Geek

The Grand Rapids Griffins are proud to partner with Seat Geek, the only Authorized Ticket Marketplace of the Griffins. This exciting partnership with Seat Geek allows you more freedom in pricing, the number of ticket listings and lets you reach more ticket buyers than ever before.


  • You never have to deal directly with buyers or sellers
  • Listing your tickets only takes a few minutes and Seat Geek can help you price
  • Once your listing is up, it stays up, unless you change your mind
  • Instant download means buyers receive tickets right away and sellers don’t have to worry about shipping
  • Get paid quickly by direct deposit
  • 24/7 Customer Support to answer any can all of your questions

How to sell your tickets

Prior to logging into your Griffins account, there are two steps you should take prior. First, create an account with Seat Geek through this link:

Additionally, on your newly created Seat Geek account add a valid bank account to be used by Seat Geek as your payout method when selling tickets. These two steps will ensure that you are ready to start selling tickets on Seat Geek, follow the instructions below to complete the process!


1. Log in to your Griffins account and select the "Sell tickets on Seat Geek" Icon!

2. Select the tickets you are looking to sell on Seat Geek! Be sure to add any tickets you are looking to sell to your Apple or Google Wallet.

3. Log-in to your Seat Geek account and follow next steps for listing!


4. Select the tickets you just added into Seat Geek.

5. Make sure the tickets are added to your Apple or Google Wallet for them to upload to Seat Geek!

6. Add the price you wish to list your tickets at and then ensure that all Data looks correct and press list ticket when ready to sell!