Calder Cup Champions - 2013 & 2017
AHL Affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings
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Team History

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Griffins NHL Alumni

From the ice of the Griffins to the grandeur of the NHL! Discover how many talented players have proudly worn the Griffins uniform before making their mark in the National Hockey League.

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Griffins In the Olympics

From Griffins glory to Olympic arenas! Explore the elite group of players who once donned the Griffins jersey and later represented their nations on the world's biggest stage.

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Lord Stanley and the Griffins

Griffins to champions! Dive into the legacy of those exceptional Griffins alumni who skated their way to the pinnacle of hockey – hoisting the Stanley Cup.

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The History of the Grand Rapids Griffins

Journey through the legacy! Traverse the rich tapestry of the Grand Rapids Griffins' history, celebrating their moments of triumph, challenge, and evolution.

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Detroit Red Wings

From Grand Rapids to Motown! Explore the Detroit Red Wings, the esteemed NHL affiliate where Griffins talents often soar to new heights.

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Toledo Walleye

Discover where the journey begins! Dive into the Toledo Walleye, the ECHL affiliate that nurtures rising stars before they blaze their trail with the Grand Rapids Griffins and beyond.

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