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U.S.A. Over D.N.A., Part II

Sep 01, 2004
Written By: EdenCreative

>The planet’s top eight hockey playing nations began a two-week quest for international bragging rights this week, as the 2004 World Cup of Hockey got underway in arenas across North America and Europe .

> The United States , Canada , Russia and Slovakia are squaring off in the (pardon them, Rand McNally) North American Division, while the Czech Republic , Finland , Germany and Sweden comprise the European Division.

> For our Canadian friends who may have conveniently suffered amnesia, the U.S. stunned the Great White North in the championship of the 1996 World Cup. The Americans rallied from a 4-3 overtime loss in Game 1 of the best-of-three finals to claim the next two games by identical 5-2 scores, causing a spike in the prescriptions of Prozac from British Columbia to the Maritime Provinces .

> Canada is now out to settle the score, with the help of Detroit ’s Kris Draper and Kirk Maltby . Numerous other Red Wings will try to lead their homelands to the cup, including the Swedish triumvirate of Nicklas Lidstrom , Tomas Holmstrom and Henrik Zetterberg , the United States’ Chris Chelios , Russia’s Pavel Datsyuk and the Czech Republic’s Jiri Fischer .

> Unless you have access to ESPN2 or CBC , you’re out of luck as far as watching any game involving the U.S. or Canada, but here’s the complete schedule for what could be the last NHL -caliber hockey you see for a while (all times are Eastern). Keep track of results by visiting

>Date >Site >Matchup >Time >Network
>Aug. 30 >Helsinki > FIN def. CZE, 4-0
>Aug. 31 >Stockholm >SWE def. GER, 5-2
>Montreal ( Bell Centre) >CAN def. USA , 2-1
>Sept. 1 >Stockholm >SWE def. CZE, 4-3
>Montreal >CAN def. SLO, 5-1
>Sept. 2 >Cologne >GER vs. FIN >1:30 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>St. Paul ( Xcel Energy Center ) >USA vs. RUS >7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 3 >Prague >CZE vs. GER > 1 p.m. >ESPN, CBC
>St. Paul >SLO vs. USA >7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 4 >Helsinki >SWE vs. FIN >1 p.m. >CBC
>Toronto (Air Canada Centre) >RUS vs. CAN >7 p.m. >CBC
>Sept. 5 >Toronto >SLO vs. RUS >7 p.m. >CBC
>Sept. 6 >Home arena of E1 >E1 vs. E4 >1 p.m. >CBC
>Sept. 7 >Home arena of E2 >E2 vs. E3 >1 p.m. >ESPN, CBC
>St. Paul >NA1 vs. NA4
or NA2 vs. NA3
>7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 8 >Toronto >NA1 vs. NA4
or NA2 vs. NA3
>7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 10 >St. Paul >7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 11 >Toronto >6:30 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC
>Sept. 14 >Toronto >7 p.m. >ESPN2, CBC