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Put a Lid On It

What is "Put a Lid On It!"?

The "Put A Lid On It!" (PALOI) helmet safety program is a public service of the Grand Rapids Griffins and is presented by Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. The PALOI program was founded by the Griffins in 2004 to promote helmet safety to elementary and middle school children throughout West Michigan, with the ultimate goal of reducing the occurrence and severity of head injuries sustained during wheeled sports and other outdoor activities.

Each year, posters promoting the program and helmet safety are distributed to and displayed in hundreds of West Michigan schools, libraries, pediatricians’ offices, bike and skate shops, and other public and retail establishments. Other aspects of the program include a ticket reward program for kids who wear their helmets and donations of helmets through our Lids at the Library events and Safe Kids Greater Grand Rapids. Kids who want to pledge always to wear their helmets will receive a voucher for two free Griffins tickets during the 2023-24 season.

In recognition of their efforts, the Griffins were honored as the recipient of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan's 2007 Prevention Award.

If your company is interested in sponsoring the PALOI program, call the Griffins at (616) 774-4585 ext. 3046.

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Griffins broadcaster Bob Kaser fits a helmet during Lids at the Library

How do I participate?

1) Pledge to ALWAYS wear your helmet when riding your bike or scooter, skating, or skateboarding.

2) Once you've made your pledge, you will receive a voucher for two free Griffins tickets to a 2024-25 regular season game and a chance to win a new bike! (Vouchers will be mailed later this summer.)

Offer valid for children ages 2-17, with parent's permission. Limit two tickets per child per season.

Giving Back: The Motion Initiative

The Griffins are proud of our partnership with The Motion Initiative (TMI), which provides helmets to kids served by that organization in the Black Hills neighborhood on the southwest side of Grand Rapids. TMI works to facilitate adventure, freedom, and hope, through the gateway of cycling, to those that need it most. For more information or to consider making a donation to TMI, please visit

Just the Facts

  • A helmet protects you by absorbing and distributing the impact of a crash before it reaches your brain and reduces the risk of brain injury by 88%.
  • Use of bicycle helmets would prevent one death every day and one brain injury every four minutes.
  • Falls can happen anywhere. A fall from two feet can cause a brain injury affecting your ability to see, think, walk or talk.
  • Brain injury is the leading cause of disability and death in bicycle accidents.
  • Bicycle-related deaths are highest in children ages 10-14.
  • Brain injury is the most serious injury to inline skaters who do not wear protective gear.

    Facts courtesy Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.