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Donation Requests

Making West Michigan a Better Place

The Grand Rapids Griffins offer donations to local charities and events to assist in the building of the West Michigan community. Donations like game tickets and autographed memorabilia are often given to local charities and events. While the Griffins love to support all facets of Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas, some donation requests may be denied due to the large volume received.

All donation requests should be submitted by mail to the following address:

Grand Rapids Griffins Community Relations Department
130 W. Fulton, Suite 111
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

The request should be mailed on letterhead and provide the following information:

  • The name and contact information of the organization
  • Whom the donation will be benefiting
  • An address to mail the donation to
  • Indicate which game if requesting game tickets
  • If the donation is for an event, what type of event and where and when it will be held
  • If applicable, a 501C3 tax ID number

**Please submit donation requests at least one month before the event and allow two weeks for processing.**

**Once the donation is processed, it is essential to use it for the intended purpose.**