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Member Rewards Club Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to sign-up?
Full Season Ticket Members who are renewed for the 2018-19 season have until May 24 to submit their completed
Member Rewards Club agreement form. Froms can be sumbitted online or sent to the attention of Amanda Aldrich or your Griffins rep.

Do I have to pay for all three seasons right now?
No, you will be able to renew your seats at the same time as all other members and can take full advantage of our payment plan options. In February of each season, your Griffins rep will contact you to finalize your payment preference.


What if I have to cancel during any of the three seasons?
If for some reason you decide not to renew any of your season seats, you are able to withdraw from your agreement through the payment of a cancellation fee that will range between 15-20% of our annual season ticket cost (your Griffins rep can provide you with additional details).


What happens when my agreement expires? Can I extend my pricing?
While you are not able to extend pricing from one 3-season agreement to another, you can start a new agreement at the upcoming season's pricing levels and receieve the year #1 gift option. 

When will I get my jacket or sweatshirt?
Once the 2018-19 schedule has been set, we'll select an October or November game date for distribution and inform all club members of that date via email.