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Calder Cup Champions -'13 '17

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Suites & Hospitality

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Known for being one of the top entertainment experiences in West Michigan, the Griffins offer a variety of suite and premium hospitality spaces - ideal for entertaining clients and employees, or even a special evening with family and friends. With eight different hospitality spaces available, the Grand Rapids Griffins offer some of the most diverse and affordable luxury seating options in town.

  • Suites
  • Nests
  • MOS Corner Office
  • Crease Club

You can enjoy a Griffins game from the comfort of one of our 16-person suites, located in the offensive end of the arena. A suite allows your group to spend the night socializing in a private area with all the amenities you will need for a great night of hockey! Your suite will have a balcony that opens to the seating bowl so you can enjoy the exclusivity and intimacy with your doors shut or you can be part of the action in the seating bowl with the rest of the crowd.

Your group will experience one of the best views from one of our 25-person Griff's Nests, located in the lower bowl of the arena. This space allows your group to be elevated above the rest of the crowd but close to the action of the game. Your group will be able to enjoy high top seating in this balcony area with plenty of room for your catering preferences and space to socialize. This area offers it all for your group to enjoy a Griffins game in style.

Located in the corner of the defensive end of the lower bowl of the arena, this 30-person space allow you to watch the game with the highest level of comfort! This unmistakable area gives your group the benefit of La-Z-Boy recliners and high top seating to enjoy the game while being close to the action. Your group will have plenty of space to enjoy the game, eat dinner together, and socialize.

Located at ice level in the offensive zone, the 20-person Crease Club offers high top table seating right up to the glass which puts you right in the action. This area offers it all for your group to enjoy a Griffins game from a very unique prospective.

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