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Calder Cup Champions -'13 '17

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Marshall Terry

Terry Marshall

Facility Manager


Number of seasons with the Griffins (including 2019-20): 24

What you love most about working for the Griffins: Seeing players move up.

Favorite all-time Griffins players: Billy Armstrong and Jonathan Ericsson

Best thing about your job: Working with the youth and facing the daily mechanical challenges.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

States you’ve lived in: Michigan

Spouse’s name/when you were married: Tammy and I were married in 1980.

Children: Kevin and Daniel

Pets: Two dogs named Cowboy and Muppett.

College: Grand Rapids Junior College, 1977-79

Sports idol as a youth: Gordie Howe of the Red Wings and Al Kaline of the Tigers.

Personal/professional heroes: My first real boss, working as an attendant.

As a child you dreamed of becoming: A policeman

First job: When I was 13, I worked at a grocery store.

Current dream job: Still a dream

If you could trade places for a day with another person, who would it be?: The President of the United States

Most memorable on-the-job mistake/ embarrassing moment: One time I fell on the ice, passed out momentarily, and then staggered in slow motion to the bench.

Favorite charities or causes: I volunteer at Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary.

Most exciting/unique thing that you’ve done or place that you’ve visited: Costa Rica

Sports played growing up: I played football and baseball.

Hidden (or not so hidden talents): Still hidden

Favorite foods: Mexican

Favorite music artists: The Beatles and Neil Diamond

Favorite sports movie: Caddyshack

Favorite subject in elementary school: Math and History

Favorite spectator sports: Auto racing and hockey

Favorite pro/college sports teams (excluding the Griffins): Detroit Red Wings

Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Auto racing (oval)

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