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Calder Cup Champions -'13 '17

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Cleves Randy

Randy Cleves

Senior Director of Public Relations


Phone: (616) 774-4585 ext. 3046


Number of seasons with the Griffins (including 2019-20): 21

What you love most about working for the Griffins: Being a part of an organization that truly cares about its fans, its employees and the community

Favorite Griffins memory: Having my family on the ice in Syracuse as we celebrated with the Calder Cup in 2013

Favorite all-time Griffins players: Matt Ellis, Bryan Helmer, Jeff Hoggan, Niklas Kronwall, Donald MacLean

Best thing about your job: Spreading the Griffins' gospel!

Hometown: Crestview Hills, KY

States (and provinces or countries) you’ve lived in: Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, Michigan

Spouse’s name/year you were married: Colleen/1995.

Children: One son, Regan

College degree/year/school: Sport Management from the University of Dayton, 1992

Sports idol(s) as a youth: Walter Payton, Tim Krumrie, Eric Davis, Magic Johnson

Personal/professional hero(es): Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt

As a child, you dreamed of becoming: A pro football player, then a veterinarian

First job/your age: Working at my dad's refrigerator hardware manufacturing company, age 10

Current dream job: Owning either a canoe livery or a sports-themed microbrewery

Other sports teams you’ve worked for: Grand Rapids Rampage, Kansas City Blades, Dayton Bombers

Proudest professional accomplishment: Winning the AHL's PR/Marketing Award in 2007

Most memorable on-the-job mistake/embarrassing moment: Accidentally (and momentarily) unplugging Bob Kaser's mic during a new logo unveiling in Kansas City

Professional memberships/civic leadership positions: I serve on the board of directors for the Griffins Youth Foundation and the advisory council for the West Michigan Sports Commission.

Favorite charities/charitable causes: Disaster and hunger relief agencies

Most exciting/unique thing you’ve done or place you’ve visited: I went skydiving in college.

Sports played growing up: Baseball

An interesting fact about you: I rode a bike 1,500 miles through Europe the summer after graduating high school.

Favorite foods: Burgers, pasta, Mexican

Favorite music artists: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Van Morrison

Favorite sports movie: Bull Durham or Miracle

Favorite book or author: John Eldredge

Favorite subject in elementary school: Math

Favorite spectator sports: Pro and college football, cycling, hockey

Favorite pro/college sports teams (excluding Griffins): Cincinnati Bengals, Michigan Wolverines football, Cincinnati Reds, Kentucky Wildcats basketball

Favorite recreational activities/hobbies: Kayaking, cycling, hiking, reading

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