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iPhone/Android App

PaetschAd.jpgAvailable for download on iPhone and Android, the Griffins mobile app allows fans to purchase tickets to any of Grand Rapids' 38 home games using both the Schedule button and the Tickets tab.

The app also gives members of Griffins Nation the opportunity to interact with other fans by using their Facebook or Twitter profile to connect to the Fan Wall. Users will also earn points by leaving comments and sharing content on the app when they are signed in. Top fans will be awarded with memorabilia throughout the season.

In an exclusive way to enhance their experience, fans can upgrade their seats or purchase Griffins experiences, such as bench visits, Zamboni rides, watch warmups from the penalty box or High-Five Alley. Fans can sign up to be alerted when these experience are available by registering in the Upgrades section.

To stay connected to the latest news and get access to exclusive offers, fans should make sure Bluetooth and location services are enabled for the Griffins app, as well as allow access to push notifications.